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Current Projects

The Del Norte Fire Safe Council is achieving more of our goals, mainly because of grant funding from Cal-Fire, in partnership with the USFS, and the California Fire Foundation.  These partners have allowed us to conduct the programs and projects we are currently working on.  We especially thank our partners for these opportunities.

County Coordinator Grant

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Through a grant from Cal-Fire we were able to fund a Fire Safe County Coordinator.  The position is meant to coordinate projects with other agencies, provide community outreach and education, and find funding sources to protect residents from wildfire.  It has greatly increased the Del Norte Fire Safe Council's ability to start programs such as a Prescribed Burning Association, Wildland Fire Assessment Program training, and establish a greater presence in our county.

Action, Implementation, and Mitigation Grant (AIM)

Thanks to funding from and the USFS, we created the Gasquet Community Fire Resilience Program.  We were able to hire a part-time volunteer coordinator, purchase tools, and begin the formation of a volunteer workforce.  This project will complete over 3 acres of fuel reduction around Gasquet's Water Plant and 5 miles of fuel breaks on roads in the Gasquet Community.  It will link fuel breaks on private land with fuel breaks on public land.  It will also protect Gasquet's only water source.


California Fire Foundation Grant

Thanks to a grant awarded by the California Fire Foundation we are able to fund work to complete defensible space around at-risk homes in Del Norte County.  We are also able to purchase the equipment necessary to complete the work, and teach home hardening and defensible space classes.

Future Projects

The Del Norte Fire Safe Council is not stopping here.  We want to expand opportunities throughout our communities.  This will build a paid workforce and establish volunteer programs in every community.  We want everyone in our county to be able to understand fire, protect their homes, and learn about projects conducted by all agencies and organizations.  We hope to accomplish this with your help.  Donations, Volunteers, and a commitment from the Del Norte Fire Safe Council to apply for extra funding and organize the work ahead of us.

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