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Founded in 2002, the Del Norte Fire Safe Council is a grassroots, community-led organization that mobilizes residents to protect their homes, communities, and environments from catastrophic wildfires.


A catalyst often sparks a local Fire Safe Council – perhaps a recent fire or a group of neighbors eager to spread a fire-safe message – then embraced by the community, which turns that initial interest into a committed group that finds ways to empower the residents to do their part to make the community safer.

Fire Safe Councils throughout California educate homeowners about community wildfire preparedness activities while working with local fire officials to design and implement projects that increase the wildfire survivability of their communities. Many Fire Safe Councils have successfully implemented such projects as hazardous-fuel-reduction projects, Community Wildfire Protection Planning, and homeowner training.



The Del Norte Fire Safe Council strives to provide education, training, and resources to help residents protect themselves during a catastrophic wildfire.


The Del Norte Fire Safe Council is working to grow a grassroots community work crew who can provide homeowners with home assessments, education, and defensible space.

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