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Del Norte Fire Safe Council Projects

The Del Norte Fire Safe Council is currently implementing multiple projects throughout Del Norte County and assisting other agencies, tribes, and organizations with theirs. These projects are designed to help protect our communities, help our residents adapt to our changing wildfire environment, while creating a more fire-resilient landscape in Del Norte.  Our mission is to protect lives, property, and resources.

We provide free Home Assessments, Wildfire Education, and Property Consulting to assist home and property owners to create a more fire resilient property.  This can include Defensible Space, Fuel Breaks, Forest Health, and Prescribed Burning.  We work with home owners by creating a plan that meets their budget and ability, and raise funding to assist where we can.

Our Chipper Program is starting back up.  We currently are doing free curbside chipping in multiple communities in Del Norte.


Reducing Fuel Loads BEFORE a Wildfire Arrives

Burning is one method we use when chipping is not feasible.  We make sure fuel moisture, weather, and wind align to ensure a safe, healthy, and effective burn.



Our 15 inch chipper is effective at reducing fuel loads when accessible by truck, and when chips can be used on site.

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