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Del Norte Fire Safe Council Projects

The Del Norte Fire Safe Council is currently implementing multiple projects throughout Del Norte County and assisting other agencies, tribes, and organizations. These projects are designed to help protect our communities, help our residents adapt to our changing wildfire environment, and create a more fire-resilient landscape in Del Norte.  Our project's missions' are to protect lives, property, and resources.

We provide free Home Assessments, Wildfire Education, and Property Consulting to assist homeowners and property owners in creating more fire-resilient properties. We have also developed cost-assisted programs for Defensible Space, Fuel Breaks, Forest Health, and Prescribed Burning. We work with homeowners by creating a plan that meets their budget and ability and raising funding to assist where we can.

Visit our Services page for more information and request forms.


Reducing Fuel Loads BEFORE a Wildfire Arrives

Our forests are overloaded with fuel from decades of fire suppression and overly managed lands. This, coupled with changes in weather patterns and increased population, has created a difficult-to-control situation. One method is to strategically reduce fuel loads to restore forest health and reduce fire intensity. This often involves using fire itself as a tool.


Defensible Space and Home Hardening

We have funding assistance programs designed to help residents of Del Norte protect their homes.   We perform free home assessments and work with individuals to create a pathway to adapt their home and property to live with wildfire.  This involves creating a plan to harden the structure and create defensible space.  Home hardening is THE MOST important task, followed by creating a defensible space to create a fire-adapted community.  It not only helps protect your home, but your neighborhood and community as well.

3after-2 - Copy.jpg
23-WP-HUU-57174206 Gasquet Overview Fuel Breaks Looking SE Very High FHSZ.jpg
23-WP-HUU-57174206 Gasquet Overview Fuel Breaks Looking SE Very High FHSZ.jpg

Landscape Style Projects

We are working hard to construct strategic fuel breaks around the communities of Del Norte to help firefighters protect lives, homes, and property.  These breaks are meant as a line of defense for the wildfires that occur in our area every year.  These shaded fuel breaks not only protect communities, but restore forest health.  They are also part of the bigger picture plan to eventually re-introduce good fire to our landscape.

Wildfire The Big Picture (1).jpg

Education and Outreach

Wildfires are complicated and often misunderstood.  We try to break them down into pieces everyone can understand because the more we understand, the better we can adapt.

Following all these strategies, we can turn the fear of fire into a tool we can work with to help create a safer environment and a healthier landscape.

Wildfire The Big Picture (1).jpg
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