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Community Wildfire Defense Grant

Del Norte Fire Safe Council has recently achieved significant progress toward our fire safety goals due to the generous grant funding provided by the USDA.

This substantial support is greatly enhancing our capacity to implement crucial programs and projects aimed at promoting fire safety across Del Norte County. Our ability to advance these initiatives not only helps in fortifying our community’s resilience against fires but also underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving our mission.

We are immensely grateful to our partners whose ongoing support and collaboration make these successes possible. Their commitment plays a pivotal role in our collective endeavor to ensure a safer environment for all residents of Del Norte County.

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Del Norte Wildfire Resilience Program

The Del Norte Wildfire Resilience Program (DNWRP) is a federal grant of $3,085,090 awarded to the Del Norte Fire Safe Council aimed at enhancing wildfire resilience across the county. This investment is funding:

  • The formation of a 5-member crew specializing in hazardous fuel reduction, tasked with establishing defensible spaces around a minimum of 372 homes.

  • The construction of shaded fuel breaks between federal and private lands promoting a continuous barrier against wildfires.

  • The establishment of a county-wide prescribed (RX) burn association.

  • The development of Firewise communities.

  • Comprehensive assessments of wildfire risks for 400 homes.

  • Additional projects, including training, educational programs, and public outreach, are all designed to empower Del Norte residents with knowledge and resources to safeguard their community.


The DNWRP marks a pivotal step towards a safer, more fire-resilient Del Norte County.

Wildfire Resiliency

The Del Norte Fire Safe Council proudly announces the commencement of the Del Norte Wildfire Resilience Program. This transformative initiative is putting boots on the ground around our communities. A specialized five-member crew is leading the effort focused on reducing hazardous fuel, creating defensible spaces, and constructing strategically placed shaded fuel breaks. This work is being done in preparation to reintroduce "good fire" to our landscape and protect the communities of Del Norte County.

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