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Del Norte Fire Safe Council

We are working with multiple agencies, organizations, tribes, and communities to provide a more fire-safe landscape for our area.  Our mission is to build a sustainable workforce to provide wildfire education, collaboration, and wildfire resilience to our county.  Our mission is to help residents protect themselves, their homes, businesses, and properties.

Where We Work

The Del Norte Fire Safe Council serves all of Del Norte County.  We cover the land from the high Siskiyou Mountains to the Coastal Redwoods.

We work with private landowners and agencies to try and maximize the effectiveness of wildfire prevention projects in all areas of Del Norte.

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New Houses
Cutting Woods
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What We Do

We strive to protect Del Norte County residents from wildfires. We provide education, training, and boots on the ground to help Del Norte County prepare for catastrophic wildfires.

Raising and efficiently using Federal, State, and local dollars, the Del Norte Fire Safe Council strives to prevent loss of life and property and preserve our beautiful landscape.

We provide the tools and people to help residents protect themselves while collaborating with other agencies, organizations, and tribes.

This includes home assessments, defensible space, strategically placed fuel breaks, prescribed burning, and training.

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